Usage areas of Filter perlıte

A- Food industry

  • Filtering beer, wine and liqueurs
  • Filtering vegetable cooking oils
  • Filtering fruit juices
  • Sugar syrup is filtered
  • Corn shredding (in the production of glucose / dextrose)

B- In the pharmaceutical and chemical industry

  • In the infiltration of antibiotics
  • Pectin filtered
  • Filtration of soda ash solutions
  • Citric acid filtration
  • Sodium silicate (water glass) filtration
  • Sulfuric acid filtration
  • Uranium syrup filtration
  • Filtration in paper industry (white water)
  • Flock filtration (aluminum hydroxide and flocculation)
  • In the draining of the dyes
  • Phosphoric acid filtration

C- In Other Filtering

  • Machine oil filtration (regeneration of used machine oil)
  • Drinking water
  • Swimming pools draining water
  • In the filtration process of wastewater in the clean


Perlite offers thousands of microscopic channels with unique notched and interlocking channels to provide the best flow rate and clarity for many different applications. Perlite filter assistants do not disturb the taste, color and smell of the filtered liquids and they do not truly dissolve in all proportions as minerals and organic acids.


Perlite filter aids offer 20-50% more intensity advantage than other filter aids, which significantly impacts user costs. The density of the perlite filter aid is only 110 to 270 kg / m3 (7/17 lb / ft3). The dry density of the perlite filter aid ranges from 100 to 200 kg / m3 (6/12 lb / ft3). Experiences in many different industries have shown that those using filter aids have significantly reduced their filtration costs, without compromising efficiency, by converting them into perlite filter aids


Perlite filter aids are frequently used for filtration fluids in beverage, food and pharmaceutical science industries. They do not lose flavor, color or flavor and are listed in the US Food Chemicals Law (U.S. Food Chemicals Codex) published by the National Science Academy. This publication, which is the source of information on the quality and purity of foodstuffs, is officially recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has been adopted by relevant authorities in many countries around the world.


Perlite filter assistants can be found all over the world. All manufacturers who want to use this product can easily supply it as packed bags or in bulk.

In the last 30 years, Perlite filter assistants have accepted almost all industries regarding the separation of fluids and solids. The following list shows many applications where perlite filter assistants are used, although not all.

Technical Details



Loose density 65-100 kg/m3

1270 C-1295 C

4 – 9


Na+    2.31-2.37
K+      0.32-0.42
Ca+    2.96-3.20
Mg+   0.20-0.21

Between 35 microns / 150 microns

  • SiO2          % 74.00
  • Al2O3        % 14.33
  • K2O           % 4.95
  • CaO           % 0.50
  • MgO          % 0.28
  • Fe2O3       % 0.97

% 85